Painting The World A Little Bit Greener

Welcome to EcoPainters! We are a Denver and Boulder based painting company specializing in earth friendly wall coverings. Though we emphasize our safe interior paints, we also provide services for exterior paint and stain jobs as well as commercial projects. As a local business we are committed to sustainable practices and giving you the best quality paint and the healthiest environment possible. We use products from Safecoat, Green Planet, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others that are well known names in safe paint lines so you know your home is protected by a name you can trust!

At least 8 hours a day are spent indoors while sleeping, sometimes with no ventilation. Regular paints off-gas toxic compounds that have been shown in studies to cause asthma and cancer and could alter your child's development. Covering your walls with our earth-friendly paint will seal previous paint or underlying materials from off-gassing any more fumes. In addition, our paints don't require time to ventilate like traditional paint so they can be used in occupied homes and applied year round!

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